Bright Sunlight…

Then sun in Southern California… it can be an amazing thing, even in Winter.  Now in the spring time it was disorienting.  I am a gamer, first and foremost.  You have to be to be in this line of operations.  But being a gamer means that I do not spend much time out in the big room with the blue ceiling and the bright, bright yellow light.

Night is more my element.  And night was coming.

But for now I stumbled along following Brenlo’s form while my eyes tried to adjust to this uncommon brightness.

After a short time lost in the blaze of sun and bright sidewalk, we stop before a big black Chevy Suburban.  Brenlo slid in the back seat and I followed.

My eyes adjusted some more and I could see we were whisking down Miramar towards the 805.  After a minute of silence, Brenlo spoke.

“It was an oversight… having you show up here… having you in the lobby during business hours.  We won’t make that mistake again.  Too many people could have seen you… and the security tapes for the lobby… I’ll have to look into….” his voice trailed off as he began making plans for covering up somebody’s mistake.  But isn’t that what Community Relations does, really?  It gives them a lot of power.

And they don’t stock Brenlo’s favorite coffee in copious quantities just because he is a nice guy.

But something was going on that Community Relations couldn’t… or wouldn’t… handle.

We got on the freeway and headed south, towards downtown.  Brenlo made a quiet call on his cell phone.  Time went by quickly, but uncomfortably.

I didn’t have to wait until the Chevy stopped on 4th Street to know where we were going. 

SOE South.  Or as the public knows it, Dick’s Last Resort.

SOE has a retainer down to hold a big table in the corner.  All the real business SOE business gets done here, and it gets done over tequila. 

If you can’t hold your liquor, do not meet with Smed outside of his office.  Alcohol has no effect on him.  Or, more accurately, it does not have the same effect on him as it does on you and I.  It just oils the gears of his business acumen, making him more crafty and subtle as the rest of the people at the table are letting their guard down.

Rumor has it that he secured the rights to make Star Wars Galaxies at this very table, and that he avoided a big up front payment that Lucas Arts was demanding by going double or nothing on it in a game of liars dice.  Made him a star in the company.  Too bad they fumbled the actual project. 

Just do not ever play liars dice with Smed after some tequila.  There is one former Lucas Arts exec who is now far, far away because betting the fee seemed reasonable after the first bottle of tequila was gone.  He is probably cleaning toilets in Tunisia now, if he is lucky.  Lucas doesn’t forgive or forget things like that.

Out of the bright and into Dick’s.


~ by Kilgore Trout on May 4, 2007.

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